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Earlier this year African Bush Camps ran the first official Super Sensory Safari - a unique and aptly named safari experience based at their two stunning Mana Pools camps - Kanga Camp and Zambezi Expeditions.

Kanga Camp
Kanga Camp
Zambezi Expeditions
Zambezi Expeditions

the team Three specialist guides, Derek Solomon, Will Lawson and Lewis Mangaba were on hand to enhance the adventure:

Derek focused on sound - an often forgotten sense in the human world but so important in animal communication and the general appreciation of nature's orchestra. Guests had the opportunity to listen into the dawn chorus and other sounds of the bush through a listening centre with amplifier and individual earphones.
Will Lawson, a leading biomimicry guide, enthralled everyone with what is best described as the Genius of Nature, looking at nature as a catalogue of products that benefit both man and the planet.

Lewis Mangaba is one of African Bush Camps leading guides with a host of awards to his name and he introduced everyone to the traditional and medicinal uses of many of the plants in Mana Pools. Growing up in Matusadona National Park overlooking Lake Kariba he acquired his knowledge in the traditional way of his people through songs about their natural surroundings, the animals, birds, plants and insects.

Activities included presentations by the three specialists as well as drives and walks each day and canoeing at Zambezi Expeditions; and lifestyle and dining experiences were second-to-none with coffee around the campfire at dawn, bush breakfasts and dinner under the stars accompanied by Lewis on his traditional mbira, a hand-crafted musical instrument made out of metal keys mounted on a hardwood soundboard.

canoeing game drive

Wildlife experiences too, were very special - both wild dogs and lions hunting near Kanga Camp, listening to the beautiful ringing call on the elusive Collared Palm Thrush, hippos and elephants visiting the camp at Zambezi Expeditions and the iconic spectacle of an elephant standing on his hind legs to reach branches high up on a huge winterthorn tree.

lion hunt
thrush elephant wild dog

Listen to the two sound clips below - Collared Palm Thrush and Lewis on the mbira


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