We have just returned from our second highly successful Bush Skills Safari - this time set in the vast and rugged Tuli Wilderness region of south eastern Botswana. With the Limpopo River as its southern boundary the area stretches over colourful mopane veld, riverine forests and beautiful rock formations. It is, at times, a harsh but stunning landscape and the perfect location for this bush experience.

We were joined by an enthusiastic group - thirsty for knowledge! We looked at the tracks and signs so abundant in the dusty Tuli, learnt to appreciate the natural sounds around us, studied rock art and human history, discovered the key to tree identification, looked at the night skies, learnt new birds, met local Botswana school children and teachers and were serenaded by a street musician in the village!

The photo essay below captures the highlights of the adventure - but other special moments were - a pair soaring black eagles high above Eagle Rock; photographing the chick whilst leaning precariously over the very high ledge; a look at 3 brown hyena fleeing from beneath a mustard bush - in broad daylight; leaping eland; and many sundowners at Pel's Pools and in the Limpopo riverbed.

Wildebeest in the mopane

limpopo river limpopo river
Limpopo River
Marabou Storks alone the Limpopo

lion tracks baboon tracks cobra tracks
Young Lion Tracks
Baboon Tracks
* Mozambique Spitting Cobra Track

* The snake was seen in camp the night before and was slipping in the loose sand on this slight slope making this interesting track.

lion elephant
Regal Lion Brothers - found after a long search!
Relaxed Elephant Herd

Flat Lizard rock monitor agama
Zimbabwe Flat Lizard
Rock Monitor
Peter's Ground Agama

Looking for the Spotted Hyena Den

hyena elephant
Spotted Hyena
Young Elephant browsing mopane

hyrax kori bustard jackal
Rock Hyrax
Kori Bustard
Black-backed Jackal

Looking for Tracks

tracks sandgrouse spider hole
Learning Tracks
Double-banded Sandgrouse
Baboon Spider Home

skull lesson shrew
Skull Identification
Rock Elephant Shrew

tuli tuli tuli
Wildebeest Hair
A Closer Look

steenbok steenbok
Steenbok Testing for Oestrus
Steenbok Foreplay

weaving weaving baskets
Soaking the palm fibres
Weaving the fibres
The Finished Product

School children lunch makers
Motlhabaneng School Children
Grinding Maize for School Lunches

moon ostrich musician
Full Moon Photography
Male Ostrich Resting
Street Musician with Unique Guitar!

Walking the Limpopo River Forest