Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe!

Southern Africa has much to offer – with beautiful Cape Town at the tip of the continent; the dramatic Namibian desert dunes to the west; exquisite beaches along the South African and Mozambique coastline; majestic Victoria Falls further north, and stunning wildlife destinations throughout the sub-region that offer an incredible variety of habitats and creatures.

Chilo Save River
elephant eye

Wildlife Experiences

The African natural world is an extraordinary place with stunning scenery, diverse flora and fauna - so much to discover and enjoy.

On our escorted safaris we spend time looking at and listening to everything we find out there - from ants to elephants, flowers to flamingoes, and bees to baobabs!

We also offer a unique sound safari experience - listening to nature's orchestra through specialised microphones and headsets to eavesdrop on the wild and hear sounds not audible through your ears alone. See more here - Sound Safari

Broadening horizons and gaining perspective.

Detail Desk

We take care of all the details - from planning and packing, journey preparation and arrival, throughout the safari adventure and finally through to your return home.

Yellow-billed Stork